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Evermoon — 5v5 MOBA

Evermoon Real-time strategy game is to team up with 5 of your allies, then compete with another team of 5 players, totaling a 10-player match. The objective of the game is to eliminate all enemy towers and destroy the enemy’s base. Evermoon allows players to utilize their skills and tactics in a battle, which will increase their enjoyment of the game significantly.


With the GameFi current trends, new players can play games while earning; however, the Play-To-Earn concept changes the game definition because players focus more on monetary benefits rather than enjoying the game. Some players just force themselves to play because they want money rather than for real pleasure.
Nonetheless, we want our players to really enjoy our game while earning under the original concept of Play-And-Earn.


Not only concerned about having fun playing games but also about making it easier for newcomers to get started. As a result, Evermoon offered a Free-to-Play. In other words, Free players could earn in Evermoon by using the starter heroes that they get as part of the game.
Like other classic games, we want to see whether players enjoy the experience before investing. In particular, it serves as a trial run for newcomers, allowing them to try whether they fit into a particular role in the game.

How To Earn

Players can earn Everstone Token, known as $ES, by playing the game in the normal or ranked match using stamina. Whenever players win or lose the match, they will still get the loot box based on the match's performance. Furthermore, the rewards from opening the loot box can be used to upgrade a player ID such as a rune which helps to increase slightly status in the match or sell in the exchange to make money. See the types of each Loot Box.

Type of Players

Players can be divided into 2 types. Each will receive different types of rewards. However, this game is not a Pay-to-Win system. No hero is more skillful than others because we care about the gameplay experience and want all players to enjoy playing it to the fullest.
Free Player – 4 free basic non-NFT heroes will be given at the beginning of the game, which are untradable in the marketplace. These players could earn by using 1 point of stamina that is available once per day to play in classic mode and obtaining the Free Loot Box, which would reward players once opened. These players are unable to enter ranked mode since it requires a minimum of five heroes.
Invest Player – these players have more than 5 heroes and receive 5 points of stamina per day. If the players want to increase the number of stamina, they can buy additional skins under the conditions. These players may earn from the Winner Loot box and Loser Loot box, which are the rewards in the ranked mode.

Account ID

Before playing the game, players must sign up for an account ID. Then, players will be able to use their account ID to play the game. There will be the experience points and levels for unlocking the spells at each level for use in the game.
To level up, the experiential point must be collected from playing the game or doing quests as determined by the system. Players will reach the maximum level at 30. As mentioned before, in the beginning, players will receive 4 free non-NFT heroes from doing starter tasks such as joining the tutorial, doing quests, and completing the first 7-days login task.