Types of Players

Evermoon is designed to cater to a diverse range of players, offering various gameplay experiences to both free and invested players. The game ensures that all players can enjoy the game, regardless of their financial commitment, while still providing additional rewards and opportunities for those who choose to invest.

Account ID:

Before diving into the action-packed world of Evermoon, players are required to sign up for an Account ID. This unique ID serves as the player's in-game identity. It tracks their progress, level-ups, and unlocks various game features. Players can gain experience points (EXP) through gameplay and completing quests, allowing them to level up and unlock additional spells. The maximum level that players can achieve is 30.
Upon starting their journey, players are given four free non-NFT heroes after completing starter tasks such as joining the tutorial, finishing quests, and successfully logging in for the first seven days.

Types of Players:

In Evermoon, players are categorized into two types, each with distinct reward structures. However, it's important to note that Evermoon is not a Pay-to-Win system. All heroes possess unique skills and abilities, ensuring a fair and enjoyable gameplay experience.

1.) Free Players:

At the beginning of their Evermoon journey, free players are granted 4 basic non-NFT heroes, which are not tradable in the marketplace, and have 1 stamina point per day only. These players can earn rewards by using their daily stamina point to engage in classic mode gameplay. They also gain access to the Free Loot Box, which provides rewards upon opening. However, free players cannot participate in ranked mode gameplay as it requires a minimum of five heroes.

2.) Invest Players:

These players possess more than 5 heroes (4 basic non-NFT heroes + Buy at least 1 NFT Hero) and receive at least 5 stamina points daily. If they wish to increase their stamina to earn more rewards, they can do so by purchasing additional skins under the given conditions. Invest players can earn rewards from both the Winner Loot Box and the Loser Loot Box, which are given as rewards in ranked mode. Apart from Loot boxes, they will also receive other benefits such as rank increase rewards, Season-end Leaderboard rewards, and more.
Evermoon is committed to delivering a balanced and fair gaming experience. Whether you're a free player or an invest player, there's a place for you in the thrilling world of Evermoon.