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In-game Items & Gold

Gold, a vital component of Evermoon's dynamic gameplay. Gold is not a token. It is an in-match currency that is used to buy in-game items which can help players win the match. Gold is received every second. The way to get more gold instead of waiting is by eliminating the minions, destroying the enemy’s towers, eliminating objective targets or defeating the enemy heroes.
In-game items: Heroes must be more powerful in order to destroy the opposition’s tower. As a result, we require ITEMS to increase the heroes’ status. The gold can be used to purchase items. However, each item has a different price depending on its given status and effect. Some higher-tier Items can be combined with certain starter items. There are 5 categories of items. Each category will have a variety of items that give different statuses to the heroes.
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    Boot Items
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    Physical Damage
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    Items Magical
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    Damage Items
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    Defense Items
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The In-Game Items are the weapons that players need to buy using gold (money in the game which can be obtained by clearing objectives such as defeating enemies, taking down creeps, or destroying the enemy towers) to increase the hero statuses in the match. The In-game Items can be divided into 5 categories, including Boots, Physical Damage, Magical Damage, Defense, and Jungle. Each category will have a variety of items that give different statuses to the heroes.
Items have 4 Classes:
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    Starter Items: The Starter Item that has a low price will only increase the Basic Stat. These items have no Passive Skill.
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    Epic Items: An Epic Item is obtained by the mixing of Starter Items or by buying them directly. These items have their own Passive Skill.
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    Mystic Items: A Mystic Item is obtained by the mixing of Epic Item, or the mixing of Epic Item and Starter Item. These items have their own Passive Skill.
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    Legendary Items: A Legendary Item is obtained by the mixing of Epic Item, or the mixing of Epic Item and Starter Item. There is only one item that can be purchased within the Slot.

Here's a quick look at some items available under each category:

​Boot Items​

Starter Items: Boots
Epic Items: Silver Plates, Plenteous Cloak, Spirit of Valkyrie, Spike of Swiftness, Embed’s Madness, Boots of Speed
Starter Items: Mora Blade, Dagger, Gloves, Club, Pickaxe
Epic Items: K9 Katana, Obu Hammer, Phantom Dagger, Bow Pouch, Hell Blade, Onibura’s
Mystic Items: Soul Stealer, Leviathan Cleaver, Steady Pierce, Vampire Scythe, Piercing Dart, Executioner Portable, Heartbreaker, Core Crusher, Amulet Force, Hellhound Imperial, Immortal Scythe
Legendary Items: Bolt Gauntlet, Everian Striker, Valkyrie Rapid Sword, Revenant Great Shield, Slaughter Stealth Dagger
Starter Items: Ruined Book, Sapphire, Kairos Necklace, Mora Ring, Memorial Codex
Epic Items: Kirin Dagger, Ancient Scroll, Gem’s Rooster, Serpent Cutlass, Bloodserker
Mystic Items: Night Hound, Sky Shaker, Unbreaking Steel, Hope of the Vasmania, Icicle Spear, Death Scythe, Heart of Undying, Excalibur Sword, Angelic Staff, Mask of Abyss
Legendary Items: Crown of King Nakamatos, Imperial Fang, Ethern Mystic Staff, Verdant Crawler

​Defense Items​

Starter Items: Mora Shield, Resistant Veil, Ruby Crystal, Regeneration Orb, Gigantic Ore
Epic Items: Steel Chest Plate, Thorn of Taria, Ring of Fire, Horn of Regeneration, Haze Veil
Mystic Items: Thorn Pendulum, Hades Knuckle, Frost Aegis, Berserker’s Plate, Shield of Pazadin, Azcar Chain, Padosium Seed, Emperor Warfare, Chaotic Guard, Moon Face, Wing of Reservation
Legendary Items: Pandora Legacy, Solaris Cape, Lunatic Soul

​Jungle Items​

Starter Items: Thunder Calling, Fire Calling, Cure Calling
By strategically selecting and combining items, players can significantly increase their heroes' power, survivability, and utility, making it easier to complete objectives and ultimately win the match.