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Jungle Monster

In the world of Evermoon, the jungle monsters located between the lanes, colloquially known as “the jungle,” offer an intriguing dimension of gameplay.
The Jungle represents the terrain that envelops the lanes, characterized by dense foliage that limits visibility and winding, often non-linear pathways. When a player opts to go Jungling, it signifies their intent to eliminate the creeps in the wilderness to level up and secure buffs. Although Jungling can provide a quick edge over adversaries, it also poses significant risks, particularly during the early game, as Jungle Creeps are formidable opponents for characters below level 10. These creeps feature exclusively in the Imperial Sanctuary Map.
Jungling requires a tactical approach to exploit the top and bottom areas of the jungle efficiently. Certain hero classes, such as Assassins and Fighters, are particularly adept at Jungling due to their ability to inflict substantial early game damage, clear jungle camps swiftly, and quickly gank lanes.
Jungling serves a primary purpose of securing key buffs like Blue Buff, Red Buff, Eternal Guardian and Serpant. The jungle monsters, scattered across the jungle expanse, offer players valuable rewards, including gold, experience, and various bonuses. These rewards come without impacting your team's lane minions. As the match commences, monsters spawn at different intervals. A jungler equipped with the Furiousment battle spell and Jungling Boot will outpace other heroes in Jungling speed.

Evermoon Jungle Monster Abilities and Visual Descriptions


  • Leafy is a turtle-like creature with a green, mottled shell, bearing ancient symbols. Its eyes carry a wise expression, indicative of its ancient heritage.
  • Ability: If any opponent strikes Leafy, it defensively retreats into its shell, shrinking and becoming momentarily invulnerable for 1 second.


  • Wisp appears as a glowing, translucent creature, reminiscent of a will-o'-the-wisp, its ethereal form changing colors based on its mood.
  • Ability: Should Wisp's health fall below 30%, it pauses its assault to recover itself. It regenerates 5% of its MaxHP for 2 seconds. Rapid burst damage is effective against Wisp since prolonged battles allow it to heal frequently.

Forest Guardian

  • The Forest Guardian stands tall, an amalgamation of bark, moss, and ancient stone, crowned with foliage. Its eyes glow with a mysterious light.
  • Ability: When hit, the Forest Guardian retaliates by knocking up nearby enemies for 0.75 seconds and follows it with a spinning attack targeting surrounding foes for 3 seconds. After this, it resumes with two regular attacks before initiating its spinning attack again.

Eternal Guardian

  • (Version 1): This towering entity has a body carved from pure obsidian, its form emanating a blue ethereal glow, with wings that resemble cosmic constellations.
  • Ability (Version 1): On being attacked, it retaliates by knocking up surrounding adversaries for 1 second. It then transforms into a fearsome tornado, knocking back enemies for 0.25 seconds. After, it resumes with two standard hits, then reverts to its tornado form.
  • (Version 2): This version of the Eternal Guardian is molten, its body a fusion of fiery magma and solid rock. Fiery cracks pulse across its form, and plumes of dark smoke rise from its back.
  • Ability (Version 2): When provoked, it knocks back enemies for 1 second before summoning a Darkness Volcano for 3 seconds. Following this display of power, it directs two standard blows at its foes, specifically targeting the farthest enemy with an AOE knock up for 0.75 seconds.

Serpant (Lord)

  • The Serpant is a majestic, dragon-like entity, with scales that shimmer between gold and deep red. Its eyes burn with a fierce, unyielding fire.
  • Ability: Upon being threatened, Serpant pushes back surrounding enemies for 0.75 seconds before releasing a torrent of dark breath in all directions for 3 seconds. After this, it strikes with two regular attacks, then resumes its dark breath. When it senses a tower, it will launch a hollow space blaster towards the closest tower.

Serpant (Spawn)

  • This version of the Serpant has a serpentine form, with electric blue scales that pulse with energy. It has a crown of spikes atop its head, giving it a regal appearance.
  • Ability: It has a casting time of 1 second. Once ready, it blasts the closest tower in the area, stunning it for 2 seconds. It then follows with regular attacks while also periodically launching a powerful AOE attack on distant enemies.


  • Bo resembles a plump fish with its rotund body and glistening scales. This guardian of the waterways moves gracefully despite its size.
  • Variants: Bo manifests in two distinctive forms depending on its allegiance, either to the Nakamatos side with earthy, muted tones or the Ethern side, which boasts a more vibrant, ethereal color palette.
  • Ability: Grants gold upon successful killing.


  • At a glance, Crimp is the very essence of a crab – armored, with large pincers and a sturdy stance. However, its unique design elements and color patterns set it apart.
  • Variants: The Nakamatos side Crimp showcases a rugged, naturalistic design while its Ethern counterpart is more sleek with ethereal tones.
  • Ability: Grants gold upon successful killing.


  • Rex is a charming mini-dinosaur, its fearsome appearance slightly offset by the oversized skeletal headpiece it wears, a probable tribute to its ancestors.
  • Variants: Rex from the Nakamatos side exhibits warmer, earthly colors, whereas the Ethern side Rex bears cooler shades with mystic undertones.
  • Ability: Grants gold upon successful killing.


  • Visual Description: Ozzie, reminiscent of an otter, moves with agility and charm. Its playful nature and swift movements make it a favorite among the heroes.
  • Variants: The Nakamatos Ozzie has a rustic, natural charm, while the Ethern side variant gleams with a more mystical aura.
  • Ability: Grants gold upon successful killing.


  • The fiery spirit of Ember, reminiscent of a mystical rabbit warrior, burns brightly in the dense jungles. Its red-hot staff is a testament to its affinity with fire.
  • Variants: The Nakamatos Ember burns with a deeper, smoldering fire, while the Ethern Ember is alight with brighter, more ethereal flames.
  • Ability: Provides the Red Buff upon elimination, causing hits to slow enemies and burn them for a duration. Also, grants gold upon successful killing.


  • Aqua exudes a calm, aquatic energy. Its graceful form, adorned with leafy appendages, seems to dance with the jungle's very spirit.
  • Variants: The Nakamatos Aqua is more grounded, with darker blue-green tones. In stark contrast, the Ethern Aqua is lighter, its form almost shimmering, akin to a mirage or a gentle stream.
  • Ability: Eliminating Aqua gives the Blue Buff, which reduces cooldowns and recovers a portion of MaxMana per second. Also, grants gold upon successful killing.
In the MOBA gameplay of Evermoon, players will come across these unique jungle creatures, each possessing their own distinct abilities. Engaging them requires strategic thinking, as their abilities can turn the tide of battle. Understanding each jungle monster's strengths and weaknesses is key to mastering the game and ensuring victory on the battlefield.
In a standard 5-on-5 game of Evermoon, the roles are divided such that four players on a team will be Laners, and one player will be a designated Jungler. The Jungler relies on neutralizing mobs in the jungle to match their laning teammates in terms of gold and experience. The Jungle, therefore, adds a layer of strategic depth and offers an alternative pathway to gaining an advantage in Evermoon.