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The battlefield in Evermoon, known as the Everfield, is strategically divided into three lanes, two side jungles separated by the mid-lane, and includes one base for each team. Each lane and the jungle have their specific roles and duties. Furthermore, heroes are designed with unique abilities making them better suited to certain lanes or jungle areas.


The base is a safe haven in the Everfield where heroes spawn and recuperate, preparing themselves for battle. The destruction of the tower in the base signifies the loss of the match, making its protection a top priority.

Top Lane

Top Lane is a long lane typically occupied by Fighter and Tank heroes. These heroes usually have higher base defensive and health stats, enabling them to handle the lane solo. The objective here is to destroy the enemy's outer tower, creating a path to their base. The lane consists of three towers on each side - your own towers to protect and the enemy's towers to destroy.

Mid Lane

Mid Lane is shorter and safer, with less distance to retreat to your tower. This lane is best suited for Mages who can self-sustain and roam to other lanes as needed due to the shorter distance. Assassins with wave-clearing abilities can also thrive here due to their high kill potential against mages. Mid laners are expected to rotate flexibly and intelligently given their central location, and thus, tend to be champions with significant impact in fights. Similar to the top lane, there are three towers on each side to protect or destroy.

Bottom Lane

The Bottom Lane is best suited for Marksmen, the primary damage dealers, and Supports that ensure health maintenance, given the Marksmen's typically weak early game. The bottom lane also possesses the best pushing power and scaling, making it crucial for team success. As in the top and mid-lanes, there are three towers on each side to protect or destroy.


The Jungle is the realm of Assassin heroes. Populated by monsters, quick damage dealers are needed to eliminate them efficiently. Clearing the jungle quickly allows for gold accumulation and leveling up, empowering heroes to eliminate enemies more effectively.
Understanding the roles and duties of each lane and the jungle is crucial for effective team strategy and gameplay in Evermoon. Each lane, the jungle, and the respective roles they contain, provide a dynamic and engaging gameplay experience, rewarding strategic planning, quick decision-making, and team cooperation.