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Minions are non-playable characters (NPCs) that play a vital role in Evermoon by providing assistance in attacking enemies and their structures. They spawn automatically and continuously throughout the game, marching along the three lanes from the core of each team's base, Spawn Every 35s. They follow a set path and attack any enemy units within their range, helping to apply pressure and control over the lanes.

Soldier Minion

These melee units form the vanguard of your team's assault. They're designed to be at the forefront of the action due to their shorter range. Soldier minions are the first to spawn and form the backbone of your forces in the early game.

Mage Minion

The wizard minions serve as your ranged support, inflicting damage from a safe distance. They complement the frontline soldier minions perfectly, using their longer range to balance the short-range capabilities of the soldiers. Just like soldier minions, mage minions spawn early in the game.

Cannon Minion

The cannon minions are your team's tanks. They boast high health and are designed to soak up as much damage as possible, protecting the more vulnerable soldier and mage minions. Cannon minions enter the battlefield after 5 minutes of gameplay, lending more strength to your forces as the game progresses.

Super Minion

Super minions are the ultimate force on the battlefield. They come into play once your team successfully destroys an enemy inhibitor in a respective lane. With superior strength and durability compared to regular minions, super minions provide a significant push in their lane, often tipping the scales in your favor.
An essential aspect of gameplay in Evermoon is "last-hitting" minions. When a player lands the final blow on a minion, they receive a larger amount of gold directly, no matter their distance from the minion. This tactic is crucial, especially during the laning phase, as it accelerates the player's gold accumulation, allowing them to purchase items faster and gain an advantage over their opponents.