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Towers and Tower Base

Towers and the Tower Base are integral structures in the Evermoon game, serving as critical objectives for each team to defend or attack. These structures are not passive; they can fight back by shooting at attackers, thus adding an extra layer of strategic complexity to the game.


Each lane on the Everfield contains three towers, making a total of nine towers for each team. These towers serve as the first line of defense against incoming enemy forces. When under attack, a tower can retaliate by shooting at attackers, dealing significant damage. It's important to note that if there are no minions within the tower's shooting range, the tower's defense power increases, making it even more challenging to destroy.

Tower Base

The Tower Base is the ultimate structure that needs to be protected at all costs. It is the final line of defense, and the match is lost if an enemy team manages to destroy it. Aside from being a critical defensive structure, the Tower Base also has the ability to heal heroes within its proximity, making it a valuable asset for recovery during intense battles.
Understanding the role and mechanics of Towers and the Tower Base is essential for successful gameplay in Evermoon. Their strategic importance cannot be overstated, and effective attack and defense strategies centered around these structures can significantly impact the outcome of a match.