The Lore of EverField

In the heart of the cosmos lies "EverField" ...

Long ago, in the mystical world of EverField, a powerful being named Beyonder foresaw a great danger that threatened to destroy the world. To prevent this catastrophe, Beyonder divided its extraordinary power, known as De-Zentrum, and scattered it across the lands. This action preserved the balance and harmony within the world...
One fateful day, the Nakamatos, a tribe of noble warriors and wise sages, discovered a piece of De-Zentrum. Recognizing its sacred essence, they safeguarded it within the central sanctuary of their tribe. A tradition was thus born: every century, the tribe would entrust the power of De-Zentrum to a new leader, chosen for their wisdom, courage, and commitment to the tribe's prosperity. However, this ritual ignited envy and resentment among those who were not chosen as leaders.
The bitterness and jealousy eventually sparked a conflict that shook the Nakamatos to their core, which escalated into a full-blown revolution that reverberated throughout the world. The world that had once been saved by Beyonder's sacrifice was now on the brink of ruin, not from an external threat, but from its own inhabitants. Conflicts and battles now rage across the lands, fueled by the desire to claim the scattered pieces of De-Zentrum.
Now, the fate of EverField hangs in the balance, but caught in a bitter struggle for power and survival. The heroes who arise in this time of crisis will shape the destiny of their world, their actions echoing across the ages.
Will they succumb to the lust for power, or will they remember the true essence of De-Zentrum - unity, balance, and harmony?
The tale of EverField is yet to be fully told. Its future rests in the hands of those brave enough to rise above the chaos and seek a path towards peace. Only time will reveal the true outcome of this epic saga.
Join us as we delve deeper into the lore of EverField, where every hero has a part to play in this grand narrative...