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Evermoon Token ($EVM)

The Evermoon Token ($EVM) is the governance token of the Evermoon ecosystem. It has a total supply of 1 billion tokens. The use cases for $EVM tokens are multifaceted, extending from gameplay utility to in-game purchases, participation in DeFi utilities, and the governance of the Evermoon platform.

Token Utilities

Here are the main ways that $EVM tokens are used within the Evermoon ecosystem:
  • Sacred Beast EXP: Users can deposit and lock their $EVM tokens to constantly gain multiplier EXP. This EXP helps users unlock super rare painted Hero NFTs & Pets when they reach certain goals. These items can then be used in the game.
  • De-Zentrum Pool: $EVM tokens are used for depositing in the De-Zentrum Pool, where users can earn interest, receive monthly lottery tickets, get priority access to NFT purchases, receive merchandise, and more.
  • NFT Capsules: $EVM tokens can be used to purchase NFT capsules. Once opened, these capsules yield a random NFT, such as heroes or skins.
  • In-Game Items: $EVM tokens can also be used to purchase in-game items, such as rune page tickets, everpass tickets, and guild tickets.
  • In-Game DeFi Utilities: $EVM tokens are used for participation in in-game DeFi utilities.
  • NFT Marketplace Fees: Transactions in the Evermoon NFT Marketplace are subject to fees, which are paid in $EVM tokens.
  • E-Sports Activities Fees: Users can use $EVM tokens to pay fees and sponsorships for participating in e-sports activities.

Earning $EVM

Users can earn $EVM tokens through several methods:
  • De-Zentrum Pool Rewards: Users earn interest and lottery prizes from their deposits in the De-Zentrum Pool.
  • Ranked Match: Users can earn season-end rewards in $EVM, especially those who achieve top rankings.
  • Tournaments and E-Sports: Users can earn $EVM tokens by participating and performing well in tournaments and e-sports events.
  • Trading: $EVM tokens can be traded on decentralized and centralized exchanges, providing another avenue for users to earn $EVM.

Treasury System

The Evermoon Treasury is a system designed to support the price of $EVM tokens, reward the community, fund in-game activities, and provide liquidity for the platform's financial system.
A portion of the $EVM tokens used within the Evermoon platform are stored in the Treasury. These tokens are used for various purposes, including rewarding top players, funding the platform's further development, establishing partnerships, and marketing.
The sources of $EVM tokens stored in the Treasury include:
  • Capsule and In-Game Item Purchases: A portion of $EVM tokens used to purchase capsules and in-game items goes into the Treasury.
  • Fiat Money Top-ups: A portion of the $EVM tokens purchased with fiat currency is directed into the Treasury.
  • De-Zentrum Pool: A percentage of the $EVM tokens deposited into the De-Zentrum Pool is directed into the Treasury.
  • Sacred Beast: A portion of $EVM tokens used in the Sacred Beast feature goes into the Treasury.
  • DeFi and Fees: A portion of the $EVM tokens used in DeFi operations and fees are directed into the Treasury.