The world is moving faster than ever. We must advance forwards and dare to change!
Blockchain Technology is revolutionizing businesses.
Defi is revolutionizing the financial industry,
so does Blockchain Game is revolutionize the gaming industry.
Bringing passion to action !
Evermoon team is a MOBA game dedicator group with the same goal; to put insights, hard work, and passion into building a value-creating game for a worldwide community. Thus, the Evermoon Play-And-Earn game will be inspired based on the popular original MOBA game on PC including Dota2 or LOL and from a mobile platform such as AOV, of course, spiced up with the blockchain! The game story is also designed based on the blockchain world to bring a unique story.
The Crypto ecosystem could become sustainable
Evermoon does not wish to enter the lure of short-term ROI that jeopardizes the crypto-economy. A sustainable tokenomic system is at the core of Evermoon development. The NFT game arranges Tokenomics into a dual-token system, $EVM and $ES, that is high utility and can be used for various purposes. Moreover, a sustainable community is a sustainable economy. This game is created to be a community-driven game. We cherish the community that builds us. Your voice will be valued and not ignored. The game will also be updated at a proper time to always offer the best game experience.