🤑Seasoned NFT

In Evermoon, we celebrate the uniqueness of each season with our 'Seasonal Exclusivity' model. This means every hero and their special outfits, or 'skins', are only in the spotlight for a single season. When the season ends, these items move to our marketplace, becoming rare gems for players to find. This approach not only makes each item more valuable over time but also adds an exciting layer to playing Evermoon. Every game you play is more than just for fun; it's an opportunity to make smart investments in your heroes and their looks.

Seasoned NFTs Explained

1. Seasoned Hero NFTs:

These are unique hero characters we introduce each season. They're not just different in appearance but also have special abilities that make playing the game more interesting. Once their season is over, you can't get these heroes anymore, making them rare and possibly more valuable, much like first-edition collectibles.

2. Seasoned Skin NFTs:

For a limited time each season, we offer special skins that let you customize how your heroes look. These skins not only make your heroes look cool but might also give you a little boost in the game. Just like the hero NFTs, once the season ends, these skins won't be available anymore, which could make them more valuable later on.

How to Get Seasoned NFTs

During their season, you can buy these NFTs at an affordable price as a dollar-pegged model, making it easy for everyone to get started. But, once the season is over, you'll have to buy them from other players in the marketplace, and their prices might go up depending on how much people want them.

Our 'Seasonal Exclusivity' approach isn't just about making each item valuable; it's about making every match in Evermoon an exciting chance to invest in your gameplay experience.

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