🥇Behavior Score System

The Behavior Score System in Evermoon is designed to promote a positive, engaging, and fair gaming environment. By rewarding constructive behavior and penalizing negative actions, the system aims to enhance the overall player experience and foster a respectful community.

Starting Point

Every player begins their journey in Evermoon with a Behavior Score of 50 points. This initial score serves as a baseline, from which players can improve or decline based on their in-game actions and interactions.

Score Range and Effects

The Behavior Score ranges from 0 to 100, with various thresholds that impact gameplay and rewards:

  • 90 Points and Above: Eligibility to access Ranked Matches, ensuring that only the most positive and engaged players participate in the competitive arena.

  • 80 to 89 Points: Players receive 100% of the standard EXP and rewards, maintaining a healthy level of engagement and contribution to the game.

  • 70 to 79 Points: Reduction to 75% of the standard EXP and rewards, encouraging players to improve their behavior to regain full benefits.

  • 60 to 69 Points: Further reduction to 50% of the standard EXP and rewards, signaling a need for significant behavior improvement.

  • 50 to 59 Points: Minimal rewards, with only 25% of the standard EXP and rewards granted, urging players to reconsider their in-game behavior.

  • Below 50 Points: No EXP or rewards, and restriction to playing only with bots, serving as a strong deterrent against continued negative behavior.

Score Adjustments

Positive Contributions:

  • Receiving Likes: Each like from fellow players adds 1 point to the Behavior Score, rewarding positive interactions and sportsmanship.

  • Engagement with DeFi and Marketplace: Utilizing Evermoon's DeFi services or trading in the Marketplace grants 1 point, encouraging active participation in the game's ecosystem.

  • Completing Matches: Finishing Normal or Ranked Matches without negative behavior adds 1 point, promoting consistent and fair play.

Negative Behaviors:

  • Inappropriate Language: Using offensive language results in a 10-point deduction, maintaining a respectful communication standard.

  • AFK (Away From Keyboard): Being inactive during games leads to a 15-point deduction (up to a maximum of 30 points), ensuring active participation.

  • Cheating: Any form of cheating results in an immediate ban, upholding the integrity of the game.

  • Exploiting Game Vulnerabilities: Using system exploits results in a 30 to 50-point deduction, preserving fair play and game balance.

Evermoon's Behavior Score System is a cornerstone of its community management strategy, designed to cultivate a positive gaming culture. By directly linking in-game behavior with tangible rewards and penalties, Evermoon encourages players to engage constructively, contribute to a welcoming community, and enjoy a more rewarding gaming experience.

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