🤑Gameplay Items (NFT)

In Evermoon, in-game items, represented as NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), play a pivotal role in deepening the gameplay experience, offering strategic layers, and allowing for extensive personalization. These items, ranging from essential gameplay elements to aesthetic enhancements, are owned by players, creating a tangible sense of ownership and investment in the game's ecosystem.

Essential Gameplay Items (Primary NFTs)

Primary NFTs are integral to the core gameplay, encompassing heroes, cards, and tickets, each serving a unique function within the Evermoon universe:

Boosting Items (Secondary NFTs)

Secondary NFTs are designed to enhance player capabilities and gameplay experience, including:

Cosmetic Items

While not directly influencing gameplay, cosmetic items offer players the opportunity to personalize their experience, making their characters and profiles stand out:

Acquisition and Utility

NFTs can be acquired through various means such as loot boxes, direct marketplace purchases, and special in-game events. Their utility extends beyond mere aesthetics, contributing to the strategic depth and personalization of gameplay, enhancing player engagement, and offering varied ways to enjoy and progress in Evermoon.


Evermoon's NFT ecosystem, with its blend of gameplay-critical items and personalization options, ensures a rich and immersive experience. By intertwining strategic gameplay elements with extensive customization options, Evermoon caters to a broad spectrum of player preferences, making every journey through its universe unique and rewarding.

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