Moon Medal

Moon Medal: Your Gateway to Enhanced Rewards

The Moon Medal is the cornerstone of Evermoon's Moon Mission event, serving as a powerful tool for players to maximize their earning potential and unlock exclusive rewards. This unique NFT tracks your progress and acts as a multiplier for the Moon Power (XP) you earn through various activities and gameplay within Evermoon. Understanding and leveraging the Moon Medal is essential for those looking to excel in the Moon Mission.

Claiming Your Moon Medal

  • Begin your Moon Mission by minting and claiming your Moon Medal NFT on-chain.

  • The Moon Medal is essential for earning Moon Power and accessing a wide range of rewards.

Moon Medal Levels and Multipliers

Upgrading your Moon Medal increases your Moon Power multiplier, allowing you to earn more Moon Power from your activities. This feature accelerates your journey to the top of the leaderboards and helps unlock more significant rewards.

  • Moondust Medal (Lv. 1): x1 Moon Power

  • Crescent Moon Medal (Lv. 2): x2 Moon Power

  • Half Moon Medal (Lv. 3): x4 Moon Power

  • Full Moon Medal (Lv. 4): x6 Moon Power

  • Super Moon Medal (Lv. 5): x10 Moon Power

Upgrading Your Moon Medal

To upgrade your Moon Medal and increase your Moon Power multiplier:

  1. Collect Moon Steps: Gather Moon Steps while playing Axolt’s Escape.

  2. Upgrade Process: Use your collected Moon Steps to upgrade your Moon Medal to the next level, unlocking higher multipliers and more significant rewards.

Axolt’s Escape

Axolt’s Escape is a Key to Earning Moon Steps and Moon Power in the Moon Mission. Players help Axolt navigate through challenging environments filled with Lunarian killer robots. The objective is to collect Moon Steps and Moon Power coins while avoiding obstacles.

Earning Moon Steps

  • As you guide Axolt through the game, you'll gather Moon Steps, which contribute to upgrading your Moon Medal.

  • The more Moon Steps you collect, the higher your potential Moon Power multiplier becomes, enhancing your overall rewards.

Benefits of Upgrading Your Moon Medal

  • Increased Earnings: Higher multipliers mean more Moon Power from every activity, speeding up your progress.

  • Exclusive Rewards: Higher-level Moon Medals unlock access to exclusive rewards and special events.

  • Competitive Edge: Enhanced multipliers give you a competitive advantage on the leaderboards.

The Moon Medal is an essential asset in Evermoon's Moon Mission, providing players with a tangible way to boost earnings and achieve greater success. By upgrading your Moon Medal and strategically engaging in activities like Axolt’s Escape, you can maximize your rewards and stand out in the Evermoon community. Embrace the power of the Moon Medal and elevate your gaming experience to new heights!

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