Capsule System in Evermoon

The Capsule system is a cornerstone of the Evermoon ecosystem, designed to enhance the player experience through customization, rewards, and exclusive content. This system allows players to acquire a wide range of in-game items, from cosmetic upgrades to functional enhancements, enriching the overall gameplay and personalization options within Evermoon.

Evermoon employs a Gacha system for Capsules, an approach that introduces the thrill of randomness and chance into the game. Inspired by gashapon machine mechanics, this loot box-style system allows players to receive a variety of in-game assets.

Capsule Categories

Evermoon offers a variety of Capsules, each tailored to provide different types of in-game items and experiences. These Capsules are available for purchase using Evermoon's native token, $EVM, and cater to a broad spectrum of player preferences and strategies.

Common Capsule (~$1.99)

The Common Capsule offers a range of cosmetic items that allow players to customize their visual game experience without affecting gameplay.

Open the Common Capsule to receive one of these rewards at random:

  • Die/Kill Visual Effects (VFX)

  • Banner Skins

  • Voice Skins

  • User Interface (UI) Skins

  • Recall Skins

  • Running VFX

  • Emotes

  • Icons

  • Frames

Epic Capsule (~$7.99)

Epic Capsules provide players with more significant in-game assets, including heroes and major cosmetic upgrades, enhancing the strategic depth and visual appeal of the game.

Open the Epic Capsule to receive one of these rewards at random:

  • Heroes: Epic Capsule contains a random hero from the available hero pool of the current season. The drop rate for each hero is determined by the ratio of that hero to the total number of heroes available in the season. As a result, each hero has an equal chance of being received from a Hero Capsule, ensuring a balanced and fair distribution.

  • Tower Skins

  • Base Tower Skins

Legendary Capsule (~$15.99)

The most coveted, Legendary Capsules contain premium items that offer extensive customization and rare in-game assets.

Open the Legendary Capsule to receive one of these rewards at random:

  • Hero Skins: Skin Capsules provide a random skin of varying rarity. The drop rates for each rarity are as follows:

    • Rare Skin: 50% drop chance

    • Epic Skin: 30% drop chance

    • Mystic Skin: 15% drop chance

    • Legendary Skin: 5% drop chance

    These drop rates reflect the rarity of the skins, with higher-tier skins being more challenging to obtain, thereby adding an element of exclusivity and value to them.

  • Minion Skins

  • Map Skins

Everpass Ticket (~$9.99)

The Everpass Ticket unlocks a treasure trove of rewards and exclusive content, further enriching the player's journey through Evermoon. Rewards will be randomly selected. You might get:

  • Name Change Cards

  • Rune Page Tickets

  • Guild Tickets

  • Double Reward Cards

  • Double EXP Cards

  • Star Protection Cards

  • Stamina Recharge Cards

  • Hero Skins

  • Minion Skins

  • Tower Skins

  • Base Tower Skins

  • Icons

  • Frames

  • Emotes

  • Kill/Die VFX

  • Running VFX

  • UI Skins

In-Game Drops and Rewards

In addition to Capsules, players can earn rewards through gameplay, including $ES tokens and various level runes. The game also features a unique Behavior Score system, starting every player with 50 points and offering rewards and penalties based on their in-game behavior, promoting a positive and fair gaming environment.

The Capsule system in Evermoon is meticulously designed to offer a balanced mix of excitement, customization, and reward, enhancing the player's experience and engagement. With a range of options from Common to Legendary, every player can find ways to personalize their journey, contribute to their strategy, and enjoy the vibrant world of Evermoon to its fullest.

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