Evermoon is a free-to-play and play-and-earn MOBA game that combines the exciting gameplay of traditional online battle arenas with the economic opportunities of blockchain technology. Here's how you can get started:

1. How can I Play

Evermoon is designed to be a user-friendly, seamless gaming experience for both Web2.0 and Web3.0 users. To get started:

Download & Register

You can download Evermoon after each specific period announcement of the development phase launch from the Google Play Store and Appstore & TestFlight. Once downloaded, create an account to get started. If you have a Web3.0 wallet, you can link it to your Evermoon account to access additional features or obtain rewards.

  • Alpha Game II: Alpha Game II had been launched for a two-week period in the SEA region in Q3 2023. This is an opportunity for a broader audience to experience the improvements and enhancements we've made to the game.

  • Beta Game I & II: Beta Game I & II will roll out in 2024, featuring a comprehensive makeover of art elements and UX/UI changes to enrich your Evermoon journey.

  • Official Game Launch: We plan to officially open the "Soft Launch" of Evermoon in late 2024. Stay tuned for updates and announcements on our official channels.

**Disclaimer! Evermoon in Alpha and Beta Version Game are subject to changes and improvements as we continue to refine our product. These versions are not the final product and do not represent the full capabilities of the completed game. the DeFi features will not be available in the Alpha and Beta versions. These features are under development and will be implemented in the official launch of Evermoon.

2. How Can I Earn

Evermoon Official Game Launch offers a sustainable Free-To-Play & Play-And-Earn economy. With Evermoon, we ensure that every player, regardless of their investment in the game, gets a chance to earn through various activities and engagements in the game.

Here's how you can earn:

For Free Players

Even if you are a Free-to-Play (F2P) player, you still have the opportunity to participate in the game and earn rewards, albeit at a more limited capacity compared to those who invest in NFT heroes and skins and will be limited to playing in "Normal Match" only with 4 fixed untradable heroes.

  • Play to Earn: The most straightforward way for free players to earn is through the game's Play-to-Earn mechanic. Participate in matches, challenges, and tournaments to earn $ES tokens and loot boxes. These can contain various rewards including NFTs and more tokens.

  • DeFi Participation: Engage in the game's DeFi features such as the Building Challenge and Synthesis. These require no upfront investment and can yield significant returns.

  • In-game Marketplace: Free players can also profit from buying low and selling high on the Evermoon marketplace. This requires a good understanding of the game's economy and trends.

  • Community Participation: Be active in the community, as there may be events or promotions that award free $EVM or $ES tokens.

For Invest Players

Invest players, those who have invested in Evermoon NFTs, stand a chance to earn even more rewards. By owning and utilizing your NFTs in the game, you can significantly increase your earnings. Players that own at least 1 NFT hero (to have at least 5 heroes in total) will unlock the "Ranked Match" to access a more intense battlefield and join more ways to earn rewards through higher rewards drop and various ways to get rewards though in-game performance

  • Earnings Through In-Game Performance:

    • Owning NFTs: By owning Evermoon NFTs, you unlock the potential to earn more rewards while playing the game. These NFTs provide you with unique abilities and advantages in the game, enhancing both your gameplay, visual, and earning potential.

    • Stamina: In Evermoon, players earn stamina based on the number of NFT heroes and skins they possess. Owning more NFT heroes and skins increases the player's stamina, allowing them to participate in a greater number of matches while earning rewards. Stamina is refreshed daily, so players will have a new allocation of stamina each day.

    • Winning Matches: Evermoon offers two types of matches - Normal and Ranked. Winning matches while using stamina grants rewards like Loot Boxes and Experience Points (EXP). Please note that rewards may differ depending on the match type and whether the player wins or loses.

    • Completing Quests: Evermoon presents daily and weekly quests to its players. By completing these quests, players can earn rewards such as Daily and Weekly Loot Boxes. The conditions to complete these quests vary and may involve winning a certain number of matches or logging in daily.

    • Season Rewards: At the end of each season, players who rank high on the leaderboard in Ranked mode stand a chance to win EVM tokens, Skin NFTs, and more. The exact nature and quantity of rewards may vary with each season.

  • De-Zentrum Pool: By depositing $EVM tokens in the De-Zentrum Pool, players can earn interests, participate in a monthly lottery, and enjoy additional benefits.

  • Building Challenge & Synthesis: These DeFi features allow players to combine lower-tier NFTs to create higher-tier ones, or upgrade NFTs, increasing their value and potential profitability.

  • Sacred Beast: By depositing and locking $EVM tokens, players can gain constant multiplier EXP, unlocking Sacred Beast Pet NFTs.

    In-Game Purchases: By purchasing NFT Capsules and other in-game items, players can gain access to rare NFTs and additional gameplay benefits.

  • Token Trading: Buy $EVM and $ES tokens through supported exchanges and earn profits through trading or staking.

  • NFT Investment: Investors can buy NFTs such as heroes, skins, and runes, and potentially sell them at a profit later. Certain NFTs may also enhance gameplay and increase earning potential.

  • Sponsorship and Guild Ownership: Invest players can consider sponsoring tournaments or owning guilds. These ventures may have a cost but can also bring significant returns.

Please note that all the earning mechanisms are subject to the rules and regulations set by Evermoon and can be modified as per the game's evolving needs and dynamics. Always keep an eye on our official announcements for the latest updates. Happy gaming and earning!

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