Skills are the abilities that heroes can use during gameplay to inflict damage, provide support to teammates, or offer unique advantages. Each hero possesses their own distinctive set of skills, varying in usage, cooldown, and effect. In Evermoon, all heroes have a maximum of three skills, including two normal skills and one ultimate skill. Players can upgrade these skills as their hero's level increases, meeting the required milestones.

Normal Skills

Normal skills are the basic abilities heroes use throughout the game. These skills can range from damaging attacks to crowd control or supportive abilities, which are designed to synergize with the hero's overall playstyle. As heroes level up, players can invest skill points into normal skills to enhance their power, utility, or effectiveness.

Ultimate Skill

The ultimate skill is the most potent ability in a hero's arsenal, typically having a significant impact on the game when used effectively. Ultimate skills often feature longer cooldowns, but their powerful effects can turn the tide of a battle or secure a victory. Like normal skills, ultimate skills can also be upgraded as heroes level up, further amplifying their strength and utility.

Skill Upgrades

As heroes gain experience and level up, they earn skill points to invest in their abilities. Each skill upgrade enhances the skill's potency, whether it's increased damage, reduced cooldown, or improved utility. Skill upgrades play a vital role in hero progression, allowing players to adapt and grow stronger throughout the game.

Skill Synergy

The combination of normal and ultimate skills defines a hero's playstyle and role in the game. Understanding how to use each skill effectively and synergize with other heroes on the team can significantly impact the outcome of a match. Skill synergy is essential for successful team coordination and executing strategies during gameplay.
Skills are an integral part of Evermoon, allowing heroes to perform various tasks and influence the game's flow. Understanding each hero's skill set and effectively using them in conjunction with team strategies significantly contributes to a successful and enjoyable gameplay experience.
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