Sacred Beast Testnet

The Sacred Beast Testnet - Win Over 1 Million EVM Tokens and Exclusive Whitelist Access!

The Evermoon Sacred Beast Testnet is a landmark pre-launch event inviting the community to experience the game's Sacred Beast feature. As participants engage with this ecosystem, they stand a chance to earn significant rewards, including EVM tokens and whitelist spots for Sacred Egg minting.


April 15-30, 5 PM GMT+7


The testnet rewards are designed to be both generous and equitable:

"Sacred Egg" Guaranteed Whitelist Spot

The top 200 performers on the Zealy leaderboard will be guaranteed a spot on the whitelist, allowing them to mint a Sacred Egg for free with zero gas fee during the mint phase.

1 Million $EVM Tokens Airdrop

Dedicated players who evolve the Sacred Beast to Level 3 during the testnet will qualify for a share of the 1,000,000 $EVM token reward pool. The distribution is as follows:

  • 5% of qualifying participants receive a 30% share of the pool.

  • 25% receive another 30% share.

  • 30% share 20% of the pool.

  • The final 40% of participants divide the remaining 20%.

Distribution Schedule: The $EVM rewards will be distributed starting with a 10% initial unlock two weeks post-TGE, followed by a 10% monthly vesting over the next nine months.

Sacred Beast DeFi Testnet Instruction

Steps for participating in the Evermoon Sacred Beast Testnet:

1. Sign In: Head to the and log in using Immutable Passport. First-timers will be guided to create an account and set up a wallet.

2. Mint Sacred Egg: Navigate directly to the โ€œSacred Beastโ€ section upon login and โ€œmintโ€ your Sacred Egg.

3. Copy Wallet Address: After minting, go to your "Account" section and copy your Immutable Wallet address.

4. Zealy Quests: With your wallet address copied, proceed to the Zealy platform within Evermoon and enter your wallet details when prompted to start the quests.

5. Earn and Convert XP: Complete Zealy quests to earn XP, which will automatically convert to Evermoon testnet tokens.

6. Spend Your Testnet Tokens to Nurture Your Beast: Use the tokens to evolve your Sacred Egg into a Level 3 Sacred Beast, following the game's feeding instructions.

Tips: Do More Quests, Get More XP, Get More Testnet Tokens: Continue to engage with Zealy quests daily to earn more XP and testnet tokens, enhancing your capabilities within the testnet.

7. Transferring Assets:

Try Token Transfers: Go to the โ€œInventoryโ€ and token transfer area in the platform, input the recipient's wallet address and the token amount, then confirm the transaction.

Try NFT Transfers: Go to the โ€œInventoryโ€, select the NFT(s) you want to transfer, click 'Transfer', enter the recipient's wallet address, and then confirm the transaction.

Additional Notes

- The same wallet must be used across Testnet and Zealy.

- Testnet tokens will be sent to the wallet address used in Zealy quests.

- Complete all quests to ensure your participation is noted.

- Remember, all Testnet activities are simulations and do not involve actual assets.

This testnet is more than a trial; it's an opportunity to influence Evermoon's evolution and secure your place in its lore with exclusive rewards. By engaging, you gain early insights, shape gameplay mechanics, and ensure a spot in the upcoming Sacred Egg mint.

Dive into the Sacred Beast Testnet and be part of shaping Evermoon's future while snagging exclusive rewards. Your adventure and contributions during this event pave the way for an unforgettable game launch. See you in the world of Evermoon!

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