In Evermoon, Spells play a vital role in shaping the strategies of the match. They are unique abilities that provide various types of support to players during gameplay. These special skills can augment player performance in numerous ways, such as enhancing movement speed, delivering additional damage, and more.
Before entering the match, players have to choose one Spell that they will bring into the game. This choice is crucial as it can significantly affect the player's strategy and effectiveness in the match.
The diverse range of Spells in Evermoon introduces an additional layer of strategy to the gameplay. Whether a player needs a speed boost to evade enemies or extra damage to take down a tough opponent, the right Spell can make a significant difference in the heat of the battle. Therefore, understanding the mechanics and optimal use of each Spell is a critical aspect of mastering Evermoon gameplay.

Here is a brief summary of the types of Spells players can choose from:


This spell allows players to regenerate their own health points and a percentage of health for nearby allies while also increasing their movement speed momentarily. It's particularly useful for defensive strategies and team fights.


The Sprint spell significantly increases the player's movement speed for a short duration, making it ideal for evading enemies, chasing down opponents, or quickly traversing the map.


This spell enables players to deal substantial damage to minions and jungle creeps, and even stuns jungle creeps for a brief moment. It's a valuable tool for players looking to farm more efficiently or secure jungle objectives.


Execute allows players to deal true damage to a target enemy hero based on their lost health. This spell is particularly effective for securing kills on low-health enemies.


The Flicker spell lets players teleport a short distance in the direction of their choice. This ability can be instrumental in dodging enemy attacks, crossing walls, or escaping dire situations.


The Roar spell enhances the player's resistance and damage output for a short duration. This is a powerful tool when used right before or during team fights.


Purify removes all debuffs and control effects from the player. It's crucial for heroes who often find themselves targeted by crowd control abilities.


This spell restores a percentage of the player's mana and max health over a short period. It's a great choice for heroes with high mana consumption or those needing extra sustain.

Remember, each Spell can only be used once per cooldown, so strategic timing and usage are essential for maximizing their effectiveness. Understanding the nuances of each Spell can greatly enhance a player's strategic options during a match.

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