MOBA of Game3.0

Evermoon is an Epic 5v5 Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game on Web3. The Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game type requires players to join teams with allies on a multiplayer battlefield to take down enemies, control map territory and destroy the towers to become the winning team of Evermoon.
An array of powerful NFT features run throughout the fun real-time battlefield strategy game, providing ownership and financial opportunities for players. Additionally, like E-Sports games, Evermoon will host tournaments for players from all over the globe, which the team envisions will assist with the mass adoption of Web3 Gaming.

‘What is MOBA?’

MOBA, or what we know as Multiplayer online battle arena, is a type of strategy game generally teaming up with your allies and competing against opponents then defeating them. Real-time strategy is frequently a component in MOBA. Thus, players are able to experience and enjoy the game in real time.

Evermoon — 5v5 MOBA

Evermoon strategy is to team up with 5 of your allies, then compete with another 5 players from another team which makes a total of 10 players per match. The objective of the game is to eliminate all enemy’s towers and destroy the enemy’s base. Evermoon allows players to utilize their skills and tactics in a battle, which will increase their enjoyment of the game significantly.

Map details:

1. What is lane?

‘Lane’ is similar to the road in the game where heroes can go to their objectives such as tower and base. Lane is also the place where most of the fights are taking place. There are 5 main type of Lanes including:
1.1 Base -> the last tower that players must protect with their lives! The base can also heal the hero’s HP around it
1.2 Top Lane -> Suitable for fighter because there are towers to protect and important objective targets to eliminate around this lane.
1.3 Bottom Lane -> Best lane to put your carry hero on with the support from tank hero as the carry hero needed to focus on collecting money for the advantage of your team.
1.4 Mid Lane -> Mage is the right choice to go on! They can support teammates very easily as it is close to all lanes.
1.5 Jungle -> The forest that surrounds by strong monsters. These jungle monsters needed fast hunting which is perfectly suited to an assassin hero job.
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2.What is the Tower?

The tower is the main objective that each side has to destroy. In each team, There are mainly 3 towers in each lane, thus each team will have a total of 9 towers plus 1 base. Don’t think that it will be easy to destroy, the tower can also shoot and deal some additional damage to you. Moreover, when there is no minion in the tower shooting range, the defence power of the tower will rise up, making it more advanced to destroy!

3. What is the hero?

The characters in the game we are playing are called heroes, which can be divided into 6 classes. Each of the classes will have different statuses such as HP, armor, attack power, mobility, and roles, which can be adjusted according to the skills that are suitable to the roles available for playing.
The ROLES are divided into 6 main types:
  1. 1.
    Assassins — Kill the enemies with the speed of light from short and long-distance.
  2. 2.
    Carry — Cause damage to the enemies from a long distance.
  3. 3.
    Mage — Highest continuous magical damage.
  4. 4.
    Fighter — Fight with enemies with their force and power.
  5. 5.
    Tank — Protect the allies from enemies and act as the shields to find the opportunity to defeat the enemies.
  6. 6.
    Support — Help the parties until the enemies are defeated and lost.
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4. What is a skill?

The skill is the moves for heroes which can be causing damage to the enemy or support the teammate by giving some special status. Each hero will have their own unique skills where the way to use, cooldown and effect are different. However, all heroes will have a maximum of 3 skills including two normal skills and the ultimate skill. Each skill can be upgraded when the hero’s level reaches the requirement.

5. What is a spell?

Spell is a special skill that can support players in various ways throughout the match including increasing the player’s movement speed in a certain amount of time, creating additional damage to the target when pressed, etc. Players can bring only one Spell to the match and will have to choose it before entering the match.

6.What is a minion?

Minion takes a role as a pensioner, helping to destroy the enemies’ tower. It is spawned continuously throughout the entire match to reinforce the power. There are 3 types of minion which are
6.1 Short-length minion (Soldier)
6.2 Long-length minion (Mage)
6.3 Cannon-minion

8.What is the objective target?

The objective target, known as the boss in the game, is the additional objective which will grant a special buff, special allies, money and level to the players when eliminated. These buffs will be useful in teamfight and destroying enemy towers. BUT BE CAREFUL, They are powerful and strong like no one has ever seen. Planning and preparing yourself well before facing them!

9. What is gold?

Gold is not a token. It is an in-match currency that is used to buy in-game items which can help players win the match. Gold will be received every second. The way to get more gold instead of waiting is by eliminating the minions, destroying the enemy’s towers, eliminating objective targets or defeating the enemy heroes.

10. What are in-game items?

Heroes must be more powerful in order to destroy the opposition’s tower. As a result, we require ITEMS to increase the heroes’ status. The gold can be used to purchase items. However, each item has a different price depending on its given status and effect. Some higher-tier Items can be combined with certain starter items. There are 5 categories of items. Each category will have a variety of items that give different statuses to the heroes.
  1. 1.
  2. 2.
  3. 3.
  4. 4.
  5. 5.
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11. Play mode

Evermoon has 2 modes for players to choose, including Normal Match and Rank Match, each of which contains different awards.
  1. 1.
    Normal mode — One stamina will be consumed in one play. If players spend stamina while playing, they will be rewarded with a Free Loot box and Experience Points (EXP) if they win the game. However, If players lose the game, they will receive only an Experience Point. On the other hand, If they do not use their stamina, only an Experience Point will be rewarded.
  2. 2.
    Rank mode — The higher level will be reached to meet more skillful players and obtain better rewards. One stamina will be consumed in one play. Upon winning, players will receive a Winner Loot Box, Experience Point (EXP), and ranking points for levelling up their rank. If players lose the game, they will receive the Loser Loot Box and Experience Point and lose their rank. If they do not use the stamina, only Experience and ranking points will be rewarded.

What does the overall gameplay look like?

After matching with the enemy team, each player from your team must choose a different hero. When entering the match, players will have to destroy the enemy tower until reaching and destroying the enemy base as it is the main objective of MOBA. However, during the match, players can either choose to find money, buy stronger items, level themselves up and upgrade their skill by killing their opponent, minion, jungle minion or killing an objective to get buff, pick up some cool team fight, win against the enemy team and destroy enemy tower while there is no guarding! Everything is based on how creative your strategy, THE CHOICE IS YOURS!